**MORNING GLORY*** (2016)

A serie of landscape pictures of brothels and swingersclubs in the Netherland, photographed at morning glory. The photography is combined with reviews of disappointed customers published on hookers.nl, a Dutch review site for the well informed prostitution consumer. Analogue photography, combined with the best founded footage of the internet: the best of both worlds.

Club Dynamite

Forum user: erco

Club Dynamite, De Liesbosch 14D, Nieuwegein

I ended up in Samantha for the first time recently. I had been looking forward to it for a long time but it turned out to be a failure unfortunately. Too bad the session did not meet the high expectations I had based on the reviews on this website.

It started off with a probable double booking at the beginning of the session, giving it a bad vibe from the beginning.

What's more is, on the website you can't see her face and because of the gorgeous body you are already picturing things. She's not ugly, far from it, but her face doesn't come out well. It might seem like a detail but because of the many compliments an expectation is created, which obviously is not her fault and I don't want to focus on it too much.

The many positive reviews make it easy to get some ideas in your head. Ideas that quickly got shattered. The actual session did start out nicely (after the double booking intermezzo) and exciting with a lot of teasing and building tension but it wasn't embroidered away on. Too bad as I clearly indicated this (at her request) in the preceding email. At that very moment there was no option to explain this further to guarantee a good session. We had to start the session straight away (lack of time? Seems like it, with those very tightly planned appointments) so a bit of extra illustration was not possible.
The session was also quite chaotic with a lot of searching for material, phone (text) answering during our play. I switch my mobile off or put it on silence during playtime so it would be nice to receive the same kind of respect and not be texting half hidden (because of the blindfold).

Shame of the money I spent, not a cheap mistress who leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.



Secret Dreams

Forum user: hjansen15

22 Kapitein Grantstraat, Emmen

Went to Secret Dreams yesterday. It was a Thursday afternoon and the theme was unlimited sex. It was my first time there. I have to say a very randy experience. There are lockers at the entrance to keep your belongings safe. Some just go in and sit at the bar fully dressed. I undressed and went in wearing boxer shorts and a T-shirt. I saw a lovely number straight away and went to sit next to her. She showed me around the club first. It has a relaxation room including a seating area where porn movies are being played porn movies. There's a darkroom. All downstairs. Upstairs are private rooms. I asked her about the possibilities. You can have sex anywhere in the club, even at the bar. I found it a pretty hot idea to get a blowjob at the bar while the other guests are having a drink. Went to the lounge corner next to the bar first. It has 3 sofas. We sat on the one in the middle right on front of the TV which showed a porn movie. After we undressed completely she started giving me a lovely blowjob. After which I fucked her and came quickly. Went to sit at the bar again. Then another round in the lounge area. Enjoyed it again. The other guests went upstairs with a lady all the time, which I found a shame. I think it's kind of randy when others are present so you can see one another getting busy. Like in an orgy!

I had a meeting to go to so had to leave early. Otherwise I would have liked to do it a third time. In another exciting spot.

Eros Centre Pretty Woman

16 Kapitein Nemostraat, Emmen


Forum user: Jammy Dodger

Industrial area Verheulsweide

Drove to Doetinchem with a full ball bag on Saturday. I was looking forward to bit of horizontal rumba, but it was a big disappointment. A lot of men and very few ladies.

And in case your preference is blondes with smaller breasts you really do have a problem. There were mainly Latina’s and the odd middle-aged German lady so after having a good look around I decided to drive back with a ball bag still filled to the brim.

Too bad, judging by the number of men present you'd think people in Doetinchem could be doing nicely for themselves.

Fata Morgana

Forum user: Harry & Danielle

15 Rijksweg, Muiderberg

We have visited several swinger clubs already with varied experiences. Tried the FM for the first time on Friday September 12, even though it is quite a drive for us.

When we got in we were asked if we knew the club, which we didn't and whether we had been to swinger clubs before, which we had, to which he continued by saying: over there to the right you find the changing rooms and to the left the other areas. And that was that.

The club is very nice, that much is true and the food is good for a club. Unfortunately we thought it was very quiet, a 100 couples according to the staff but I thought this was 100% exaggerated and the couples that were there had no interest at all in playing with others, just individual sex, nobody even lifted a finger to the neighbours, nobody that talked to others or anything and this is supposed to be a 'swing' club. They won't see us come back again, there are more pleasant clubs out there, with food of a lesser quality but better sex. For food we usually go to a restaurant.

Club Paradise

Forum user: Jack the Banger

26 Schaafstraat, Amsterdam

Honoured this club with a visit once more last Sunday. The horror.

Asked whether people were going at it already. "You are definitely not the first one", they confirmed me. Must be something in store for me then. Forked out 60 euro, got changed and went in.

Where was the action at? It was crawling with men and more men and even more men, all walking around in circles. Was I in a North-African public bath? Had one beer and a bite of what should have been a corned beef sandwich. Unfortunately it had liver sausage on it, ugh!

Villa Rianda

Forum user: Leo_Groningen1

73 Hoofdweg, Nieuw Beerta

The line-up at club Chantall in Klein Ulsda had been quite a sad affair the last few times so I paid Landhuis Rianda in Nieuw Beerta a visit for the first time. Usually I’m not very lucky but to be fair, this was not bad. Nice reception. Minus point is the blaring music and the bad lighting of the 'show room' where the ladies are waiting for you. Two ladies present, went for the slim Latvian Inga. After payment to the hostess I was brought to the room. Neat room with shower and wash basin which was a little cold. Inga herself hopped in the shower quickly. She speaks a little German and English. After the shower she started kissing passionately at once and quickly moved on to oral-no-condom. All other activities were also fine. Nothing too exaggerated, happy to take part. All in all would go again. On the website (can be found using Google) are photos of the ladies present.



Club Pico Bello

2A Moleneind, Well

Sanne Privé

Forum user: SPERM456

13 Rijksweg, Herten

Dropped by for the first time yesterday. Nice brothel. Discrete parking. Was very busy when I arrived. The host told me the only one free was Edith. A very nice and competent lady. The only downside which doesn't have anything to do with the club really: I paid by credit card. It should have had a neutral name on it but after a bit of googling on the name I end up at Sanne Privé as well. Not very smart if you ask me ‘cause now I had to explain where I'd been. Other than that I'll definitely return.

Club Showboat

48 Lagendijk, Wormerveer


Forum user: Little banger1987

30 Winschoterweg, Waterhuizen

Been to the VIP party a couple of times, was always entertaining and pretty well organised. No longer, unfortunately. So I went to the mega gangbang, which equals paying more money for a lot less sex. The ambiance is disappointing, there’s a towel shortage and at times not a condom to be found.

Really too bad it turned out like this. You're there with a lot of other men and as the ladies all take their break at the same time, the ambiance goes down the drain. Compared to the VIP parties this new mega gangbang set-up is just a drama.

The only thing mega is the price and the age of a large part of the visitors. I think I'll only return if they re-introduce the VIP party.

De Wallen (Red light district)

Forum user: Tramp Tester

6 Rijksweg, Maasbracht

Yesterday for the first time experienced something unusual with this pretty lady, just like other times before this I went in paid 10 euros and Mr at the door said there were only 6 girls so that was off to a bad start, finally in and started the first round, in the first two rooms there was nobody and in the third room I ran into this chick.

She was very bored. The door was open so I snug in, she was very busy playing with her iPhone and wasn't really interested in working, I could just sit next to her and we started to talk about everything, we went for just a drink and back in the room I was completely at ease and she as well because I stayed about 2 hours playing and caressing her but she didn't have a problem with it after about 2 hours talking and caressing I said I wanted to fuck but she simply said she didn't want to and didn't feel like having sex, I went silent and then asked her if she was serious and she said yes I fucked enough yesterday. but I really felt like having sex now with her but she kept on saying she didn't want to it is the first time I experienced something like this and I am a very handsome guy sporty so it is not because of my looks she didn't want to, she said I could go room with her friend but I didn't want to, well, we will witness everything once I guess so this was one of those things

Coco Plaza

30 Spooralle, Duiven